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ATSFramework is a customizable automated trading framework allowing implementing and modifying trading strategies in a short period of time using technical analysis and price action/volume triggers to build trading criteria.

The architecture of the product enables interfacing with different trading APIs without changing the trading strategy; currently a connector for interactive brokers and historical data/offline mode is implemented.

Key Benefits:

  • Time to market: in less than 2 weeks could start testing a strategy.
  • Cost vs. compared to building an automated strategy from scratch.
  • Built with years of trading industry experience and systems development.
  • Ability to back-test a strategy with several parameters / combinations & testing on simulated accounts.
  • Allows mixed trading (user criteria / fully automated).
  • 200+ technical analysis indicators included (MACD, RSI, ADX, etc.)
  • Aimed at day trading of financial securities (futures, stocks, bonds, FX).
  • Maximum flexibility (direct access to the development resources).
  • Interactive Brokers Connector
  • Profit / loss report generation.



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